Hour of the Witch Collection | Dead by Daylight Cosmetics

Hour of the Witch Collection

Three choice outfits from three amazing collections to help welcome our newest Survivor into the Fog.

The Hour of the Witch is upon us, and Mikaela Reid has stepped into the spotlight bringing her unique personality and extremely helpful set of skills to Dead by Daylight. The right clothes can equal confidence, and Mikaela is dressed for success as she takes to the stage to host the Moonstone Café’s open mic, sharing homemade horror stories of brave souls, putrid substances, and menacing backwoods scarecrows. 

Now available in the store:

  • Mikaela Reid – Open Mic Host Outfit – VERY RARE
  • Nea Karlsson – Vigo’s Disciple Outfit – VERY RARE    
  • The Hillbilly – Vile Scarecrow Set – VERY RARE  

While it’s always fun to dress our Survivors in interesting outfits around Halloween, in many ways October is really our Killers’ time to shine. And by shine… we mean appear even more terrifying than usual. 

Mikaela Reid Dead by Daylight cosmetics

The Hillbilly Dead by Daylight cosmetics

With that in mind, we checked in with our Product Store Manager, Rose Li, to hear about the latest creepy cosmetics. 

“Halloween is an especially important holiday for Dead by Daylight – and it’s also an amazing opportunity for the team to go wild and come up with horrific monsters that will fit well with our Killers,” pointed out Rose. “For this collection, we chose to tie the Hillbilly to a scarecrow theme. Not only does it fit with his story perfectly, but it also gave us a lot of freedom to play up the stretched skin and guts that make up his look.”

Summon these brand new outfits, available now via the in-game store, or learn more about new Survivor Mikaela’s perks in our Hour of the Witch Chapter page, right here.

See you in The Fog,     

The Dead by Daylight Team  

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